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 Skill Build Tutorial

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PostSubject: Skill Build Tutorial   Tue Jul 10, 2012 4:40 pm

Okay so just in case some of you are confused on how this works...I made a tutorial for you all.

First of all, you need to choose what character class you want to make a skill tree for by just pressing the link. It will then bring you to your skill tree. In the examples, I'm going to be using Elsword Lord Knight.

You can see that some of the skills are shaded right? That means that you have to use enough skill points to "unlock" it like the in-game skill tree. Just click on the small boxes to add skill points in. Click the level of the skill to get rid of the points.

The box to the left next to options~ shows you the character's lvl at that point and their skill points used. Our lvl cap right now is 44.

The options window let's you jump to other character's skill trees and change two options:
Skill type B and Skill text OFF.

Skill type B changes the boxes to "+" and "-" signs which I think might be easier to use for beginners.

Skill text off turns off the skill descriptions when you hover your mouse over the skills.
In the picture above, I used the skill type B option.

After you finish your build, just press save and then url which will bring up a window like this:
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Skill Build Tutorial

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