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 My Guide to Grand Archer! (NOT FINISHED, IN PROGRESS)

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PostSubject: My Guide to Grand Archer! (NOT FINISHED, IN PROGRESS)   Tue Jul 10, 2012 7:46 pm

So what IS a Grand Archer? Like the name implies, Rena's shooting and archery skills are taken even further. Unlike the Wind Sneaker, Grand Archer's advantage is dealing great DPS (Damage Per Second) from a distance rather than closing in on the enemies and comboing them. This path boosts Rena's arrows greatly, allowing it to pierce multiple enemies, increase in damage, longer range, and even doing AoE damages to nearby foes! But of course, Grand Archer can also do quite a lot with her physical capabilities since the arrows do consume MP. Luckily, Grand Archer also receives the passive Nature's Sense which boost her MP recovery rate by 19 MP every two second.

So what are Rena's basic combos?
ZZZZ: A barrage of kicks that knocks down on the last Z. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS. EVER. If you use this, you should be ashamed of yourself and delete your Rena forever. (Yes, applies to Wind Sneakers too, or ANY CLASSES for that matter) Or just uninstall Elsword forever. :evil: Okay maybe that was too harsh. But seriously, DO NOT USE THIS. :C

: Rena does 3 kicks and the last one knocks the enemy upward diagonally AWAY from you. ONLY use this skill if you're confident you can catch the enemy as they're falling down. This is great as an add-on to PvP combos if you know what you're doing. Catch them by simply using >>^ZX. Practice makes perfect!

>>Z: Rena slides and does a low kick to the enemy. This is a good start to combos since it does stun the enemy for a second which allows you to proceed with other things.

ZZZX: One of my favorites! Rena does 3 kicks and slide right around the enemy, hitting them with a burst of wind that stuns them for a short second (in Base job, Rena only slide behind and shoot an arrow). This combo WILL come in quite handy as you'll be needing to escape a monster from hitting you. Since the wind bomb stuns your opponent for about a second, you can quickly combo them all over again! (ZZZX->ZZZX->ZZZX galore!)

>>^Z or <<^Z: This is my absolute favorite move. Rena runs and then quickly lifts off the ground and kick forward. If you practice this and can get the right timing, >>^Z>>^Z>>^Z>>^Z will allow you to move extremely fast through the map. This could also catch people quite easily in matches or push them into a corner where you can unleash all your rage. 8)

XXXX: Rena shoots two horizontal arrows and then leaps up and shoots down at a ~45 degree angle. Her last arrow knocks down. Again, NO. The only time I've ever used this was to push away monsters if you're either getting mobbed or trying to knock them into a pit. But I don't recommend using this often either. Howver, with the recent KR Elsword re-balancing patch this no longer KD. But it won't come to NA Elsword for a long time.

XXX^X OR XXXvX: Rena shoots 3 arrows like the earlier XXXX combo, but before the third X you hold down either the ^ or v key. The last hit will be a shot of 3 arrows either up or down diagonally depending on which key you used. I guess you can use this to hit foes in hard to reach spots but I do not perform this as it eats up your MP quite easily.

>>^ZX or <<^ZX: Rena dashes and lifts off the ground, releasing a forward kick and then shooting a burst of wind the bounces the enemy up. This can be looped but like ZZZ^Z, ONLY use this once you have practiced enough and is confident that you can catch the falling enemy. C:

My Most Utilized Combos:
XX: THE MOST BASIC. Rena shoots two arrows, that's it. XXvXXvXX and repeat. Holding the v and pausing right after the second X stops the diagonal arrow and resets the combo. Bread and butter combo for Rena. Although the arrows do eat up MP, Grand Archer can unlock her passives that minimize the MP loss.

ZZZ Siege: This is the most efficient PHYSICAL combo as a Grand Archer. Rena does 3 kicks and does one short kick into Siege mode. Just repeat ZZZ Siege ZZZ Siege for a loop. In earlier dungeon, you could most definitely kill a monster just by ZZZ Siege X.

Combination of Basic Combos:
ZZZX ZZZ Siege: This is a simple "combo" I made up. Rena does 3 kicks and slide behind her enemy to throw a wind bomb. Then proceed to ZZZ Siege and repeat. this combo allows you to maneuver quite easily; if a monster is attacking you while you're performing ZZZ, simply press X to dodge right behind them! Pretty neat. If not possible, use Backflip Shot as is serves the save purpose as the X: giving you invincible frames to dodge the attack.

ZZZ^Z XX: This is where things get just a little bit more complicated, but not too bad. Rena does 3 kicks and knocks the enemy in the air away and then fires 2 arrows to catch them right before they touch the ground.

: Same as above but with a little twist. 3 kicks and a launch, then Rena dashes forward and perform a kick horizontally to catch the enemy before falling down. Once caught, proceed to perform any combo you like.

ZZZ^Z>>^ZX ZZZ Siege: This is something that I tried and still have not 100% mastered yet. But if you have better finger reflexes than me then it's not too bad. Rena does 3 kicks, launch the enemy away, dash and jump to throw a wind bomb, then finally catch the falling enemy with 3 kicks back into Siege.

As you can see, Rena has a great potential to mix and match different basic combos together to create quite the deadly one. Stacked with fast Attack Speed and high Critical rate, your enemies should be very afraid. feel free to be creative and mix skills into play. Since I am not the best person to PvP with Grand Archer, I can only give so much of my opinions.

My Skill Build!

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PostSubject: Re: My Guide to Grand Archer! (NOT FINISHED, IN PROGRESS)   Tue Jul 10, 2012 8:04 pm

Looks so smexy Yun
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My Guide to Grand Archer! (NOT FINISHED, IN PROGRESS)

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